Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Some things to think about

I a writing a new book, as was asked the other day how to prevent a sales slump. NOW, without going into the technical aspects of a slump, there are some easy ways to get out of it. If you are experiencing the "slump" let me know.

1. start to prospect
2. create activity within you existing business
3. call everyone that you ever met and ask to meet with them again
4. Don't assume that the slump is forever
5. most times slumps are caused by not prospecting awhile ago. In other words because you did not prospect 6 months ago, you maybe feeling it now
6. only quitters fail
8. remember that the best baseball players have slumps and WORK their way out of them. You may need to reevaluate what you are doing to dig your way out
9. Yesterday is over
10. and finally; as Winston Churchill put it "Never, Never, Quit"

Good luck selling.


1 comment:

Christoph Dollis said...

Damn Stephan. This post is more relevant to me now than you will ever know.

Thanks for posting these inspiring words. Greater thanks for posting details of a plan.

Just printed it off, taped it near my desk, and will be at it after lunch.